Campaign for Rent Relief for NSW tenants during Covid-19

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March this year, Shelter NSW has been working to understand the State Government’s response to the economic and social crises brought on by Covid-19, and advocate for better financial support and legal protections for renters during this difficult period.

During the last few months, we have been working closely with grassroots activists in the Rent Relief Now campaign and other community groups to strengthen the call for government support, by providing insight into the housing system and the possibilities for policy change. This campaign has been led by a small group of activists and tenants, but has seen support from all over Sydney and Regional NSW.

The call for further rent relief and a stop on all evictions that has been echoed by advocacy organisations has grown stronger as a result of the Rent Relief Now campaign, and more urgent as this crisis deepens. Shelter NSW is proud to be supporting this campaign.

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Sydney Town Hall Assembly on Housing and Clean Energy (2019)

Shelter NSW and Everybody’s Home teamed up with Vinnies NSW and Sydney Alliance to be part of an Assembly on Thursday 14th March 2019.

This Assembly:

  • highlighted the important role of affordable housing in the future of NSW housing system
  • heard powerful stories from people who have lived with evictions for reason, homelessness and continual electricity price rises so people are forced to decide what essential they can go without
  • heard from leading experts in housing and planning
  • sought pre-election commitments from state and federal decision makers.

We are pleased that the major parties and cross bench Members of Parliament, made new commitments or expressed their support for affordable housing and clean and affordable energy. The Assembly was jointly organised by the Sydney Alliance and Vinnies NSW and supported by Shelter NSW and the Everybody’s Home campaign. Shelter NSW is now the co-chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team, and has continued to have a strong role in shaping current and future housing campaigns.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Sydney Alliance or the Housing Team in particular, please let us know via the form below.

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